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Video & Content Strategy

Matt Stone

Owner & Producer of Stone Sharp Images

After years in the marketing & production industry, I’ve watched the change in the way people consume content (AKA your ads). Stone Sharp Images focuses on working with your team to develop a video-based content marketing strategy that reaches and connects with your brand’s perfect demographic.

Stone Sharp Images brings value by:

– Bringing Strategy & Content Together

– Working through Story Development

– Engaging Script Writing

– Incredibly Fast Turnaround

– Working with One Person

– Quick Real-time Editing

– Working with you every step of the way.

– Take your Brand Vision and Bring it to Life


Stone Sharp Images looks forward to working with your brand and helping create lasting customers.  

Video Production & Strategy

Stone Sharp Images specialize in entertaining, fast, and professional video content.

We understand people and how they consume content.

Let’s define a target audience and construct your specific strategy tailored to reach your market. 

Learn more about our services below. 

Our Services

Video Creation

Our team will listen to your vision and bring it to reality. We offer consulting, storyboarding, script writing, video production, and editing. 


Stone Sharp Images offers a wide range of photography assets including; digital ads, billboards, websites, corporate headshots, and social media. 

Strategic Consulting

Based on your objectives, we’ll build a customized content strategy to meet your short and long-term goals. This makes the content have the highest ROI.

View our client work

Kids Care

Bringing fun videos to an otherwise boring industry. 

Full Video Funnel Campaign.

Extreme Clean

Making an Ad that is relatable to the local clients’ Outdoor Extreme service.

1 Main Ad


With 100 new condos to sell, they started a content marketing plan. Sold all 100 condos in the first year

Full Video Funnel Campaign.


Helping people get over blocks using plant medicines

Retargeting, Promos, and more.

Just Chute

Capturing the fun people have to entice more customers for these boat tours

Ads and retargeting


Tailfins used Facebook and google ads with video to drive more traffic to their business.

Ads and retargeting


Andy’s bookings skyrocketed from a content marketing plan.

Full Video Funnel Campaign 

Sport Fishing

Bring educational content and entertainment together for higher sales of fishing gear.

Ads and retargeting

E Rentals

Showing the fun people can have by renting electric bikes and boards from their company. 

Ads and Retargeting

Reprieve Treatment

A Female sober living house that promotes sobriety through spirituality.

Photography & Video Ad

Talk to us

Stone Sharp Images is eager to discuss your business, new projects, and creative opportunities. How can I help you?

Kids Care Dental & Orthodontics

The client’s main goal was to increase member growth at 6 new practices in the northern California region. Stone Sharp Images was hired to transform its videos content strategy in order to increase brand awareness of these practices. 


We recommended 3 main videos that focused on their 3 value propositions. In addition, we recommended a set of targeted instructional videos to remarket to audiences that have shown interest by visiting the website.  


Stone Sharp Images guided the client through storyboard, script writing, production, and editing, exceeding their expectation for turnaround and execution. 

About Video for Kids Care Dental & Orthodontics

Ad's for paid traffic campaigns & retargeting

Now for instructional videos that can be used for retargeting and social media.

Outdoor Extreme Clean

The client’s goal was to increase the amount of pressure washing clients on their books. They hired Stone Sharp Images to work with their marketing team (Five Channels) to produce the commercial.

We knew this video needed to connect with the local market, so the script was written with relevant ques that people can connect with and ultimately laugh at…


The final product ended up blowing the client away, and they are excited to have a commercial that truly shows their company in a good light.

Main Video Ad

Enjoy some behind the scenes photos.

Mathews Development

The client had plenty of customers, and they were a word-of-mouth business. Their goal was to push past the level they have grown.


In addition to more branding, Mathews Development had just built 100 condos that they needed to market and sell. 


They hired Stone Sharp Images to create a campaign, employed the videos you see below, and they sold all the condos within 1 year of their completion date.

Behind the Brand Video

This style of video builds trust with the customer and lets them see what kind of people are working within a company.

Videos of the Condos for Ads and MLS

Short Form Videos for Social Media and Retargeting Ads.

These are only 2 of many videos created for Mathews. We shot a lot of content, and by repurposing the same footage, we were able to create a high volume of videos.


Revela Retreats

The client’s goal was to take more people on international trips to use plant medicines that can help them get past mental blocks. She hired Stone Sharp Images to help create a video-based marketing campaign to reach and educate her potential clients.

We recommend a video funnel campaign with 1 main video ad and a host of educational videos that give value and would be used for remarketing. 

Stone Sharp Images filmed all the videos in 1 day and had the content completed fast for her marketing team (Five Channels) to start distributing.

Main Ad

Educational content for retargeting and customer trust.

Just Chute ME

The client’s goal was to get more people to take parasailing rides with them. They hired Stone Sharp Images to help them stand out in a very competitive market and work with their marketing team, Five Channels.

We recommended creating videos that focused on the fun people were having. We made 1 main ad and 2 retargeting ads. 

The client loved how the videos captured their brand “Fun Vibe” and used these digital assets on their website, social media pages, and targeted advertisements. 

Main Video Ad

The two retargeting ads.

Tailfins Water Front Restaurant

Tailfins were in need of a marketing refresh with compelling video content to run paid ads to people visiting the Destin, FL, area. With hundreds of places a person could eat out, Tailfins wanted to be top of mind. 

We created videos that focused on the food and the  fun people were having. We made 1 main ad and 2 retargeting ads.  They also used these digital assets on their website and social media pages. 

Main Video Ad

The two retargeting ads. These retargeting ads were responsible for a large increase in foot traffic to their bar at night time.

Backwater Tours

The client’s objective was to get more groups of tourists to take eco-tours. They hired Stone Sharp Images to create video based marketing strategy.


We recommended a scheduled content production day where we plan concepts and spend the whole day shooting.


After one day of shooting, we produced many videos by repurposing the content. The clients business became busier than ever. 

Main Video Ad

Here is one of many of the videos created.

Sports Fishing Unlimted

Sport Fishing Unlimted created a fishing show. Cool! I was asked to help develop a plan to make the show profitable. 

The main strategy was to make educational content that would place the owner in a position of authority; meaning people listen and buy the products he was using or promoting. 

Educational and entertainment is the sweet spot for making videos that hold the viewers’ attention and convert them into customers. 

Main Show

Educational content for retargeting and customer trust.


E-Motion is an electric bike, scooter, skateboard, and Onewheel rental shop in Miramar Beach, Fl. When I was living in the area I saw a simple ad on Instagram and decided to check out their new business. I have always wanted to try out one of those crazy Onewheels, and I figured renting one would be a start! I walked into the shop and the owner, Jay.

I knew that they would benefit from a high-quality Social Media Ad, so I offered Jay a trade. A video for one of their $1200 E-Skateboards. (Which got me really excited!)

My Vlog of renting from them
(user experience video)

Jay was stoked about the simple vlog video and all the shout-outs I gave his company! He was all in and wanted to make the trade.

This was one of my favorite companies to film a video with. Imagine being a skateboarder and just riding around all day filming… It was awesome… Even tho I ate it big time with my camera equipment… That wasn’t so fun!

I asked my buddy Dustin Owen, who owns Bearded Beach Hippie if he and his daughter wanted to come cruise around for the video shoot, and they both were in. I talked to Jay about some of the concerns someone may have if they have never been on an e-anything, and the biggest one was safety.

We had to show potential customers that would learn how to operate the device correctly & safely.

We did that while showing the amount of fun and convenience a person can have on one of these devices. Pulling right up to a restaurant without worry about parking, long-range on all the devices, and the amount of adventure they can have in a single ride. I also edited the ad in a 1:1 ratio for max screen space on mobile devices.

Main Ad

Between the two videos E-motion got some great content for their website and Social Media Pages expressing the enjoyment of renting E-device from them

Reprieve Sober Living

The Reprieve is a sober living home for women in Panama City Beach, Florida, that invited me out to film and take photographs for their marketing and advertising needs! When they sent me the list of locations that we’d be shooting I got pumped! Horses, Fresh food, and sunset beach yoga. Of course, this was going to be a beautiful video!

Objective – Create photos and video that expresses personal growth.

Main Ad

Photos for marketing and website