Tailfins Restaurant Video Strategy Lead Generation Films

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Tailfins restaurant in Destin Florida had Stone Sharp Images come out and consult them on how they can prove their business with videos. This restaurant sits in a beautiful location on the Destin harbor overlooking the white sands and blue water of the area.

They had tons of foot traffic that just walk by their front doors… But not as many people would actually walk into the doors…

A strategy that they could be implemented was using the huge flat screen T.V.’s that are displayed to the customers sitting outside and people walking by. I told the owner that we could film multiple videos that highlight different aspects of this 3 story restaurant and show them on the outdoor T.V.s throughout the restaurant. The owner loved that idea.

If someone was already in eatting, they could see what else Tailfins offered. If they where just walking by they could be inticed to walk in the doors based off seeing the fast and fun videos. We made 3 different videos to showcase the main attractions in the restauant. A overall highlight video, nightlife, and pontoon boat rentals.



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