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Sport Fishing Unlimited was a client who wanted a full-length fishing show. After talking with the company, Colby, a friend of mine working with me on this project, and I realized we could much more for them. They sell freshwater fishing lures online, and they use Amazon and eBay to do most of their selling. The problem with sites likes those is they take roughly 6 to 10 percent of the total sale for using their platform to sell on.

They want just a show, but got a full passive income strategy …

Here is a concept we pitched & produced for the company. The main goal for this one was to educate and inform fishermen of the pros favorites baits and when/why they work. Below the video we insert the direct link to the product on their own website; Making Direct Sales…

If you like to fish this is the video for you

This short video below is specif for SEO shearches

Say someone searches for anything Google. Google will promote Youtube videos most relevant to that search. That is because Google owns Youtube, and they want people to say within the Google world as much as possible.

Say someone searches “Live Target hollow body craw jig”

This will be the first piece of content that shows up in the search, and because Sport Fishing Venture Unlimted was the company providing the education that is where the buyer will go. By giving value you receive value.

  • Client Sport Fishing Unlimited
  • Date 2019
  • Objectives Instructional & Sales