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Jason Hall owns a digital marketing company called Five Channels. He has many national clients and a handful of local clients. One of those local clients is Outdoor Extreme Clean, and Jason pitched them on a video concept for social media. In no time, he wrote an incredible script. He called me soon after he wrote the script and asked if I could produce the video ad for him. I gladly accepted, and we got to work.

We knew this ad needed to connect with the local market, so the script was written with relevant ques that people can connect with and ultimately laugh at…

As soon as I read the script I knew exactly who would be the perfect fit for the lead role. My old acting teacher, Jason Hedden. Jason does standup comedy, acts professionally, and is ahead honcho at one of the local colleges in the arts department. I also got in touch with the two other supporting actors Daphne Lewis and Chris Knittel.

The day came to film and the team was ready. It was an extremely fun set, and everything went surprisingly smooth. We started off in the morning with Outdoor Extreme Clean at the location. We captured the before and after shots, and then we moved on to the script. Once there, we were all having a blast. The script was flowing and the cameras were rolling.

OEC Facebook Video Campaign

The final product ended up blowing the Five Channels client away, and they are stoked to have a commercial that truly shows their company in a good light.

  • Client Five Channels
  • Date June, 18th 2019
  • Objectives Entertaining, Educational, Localize