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E-Motion is an electric bike, scooter, skateboard, and Onewheel rental shop in Miramar Beach, Fl. When I was living in the area I saw a simple ad on Instagram and decided to check out their new business. I have always wanted to try out one of those crazy Onewheels, and I figured renting one would be a start! I walked into the shop and the owner, Jay.

I knew that they would benefit from a high-quality Social Media Ad, so I offered Jay a trade. A video for one of their $1200 E-Skateboards. (Which got me really excited!)

I told Jay, “Just think about it for now. I’m going to film a Vlog of my experience on the Onewheel, and if you like that video we can work something out”. Unsure of what I was even talking about Jay said, ok, and I took off with the Onewheel! Check out the Vlog I did of myself riding this intense one-wheeled balancing tire board lol!

Jay was stoked about the simple vlog video and all the shout-outs I gave his company! He was all in and wanted to make the trade.

This was one of my favorite companies to film a video with. Imagine being a skateboarder and just riding around all day filming… It was awesome… Even tho I ate it big time with my camera equipment… That wasn’t so fun LOL!

I asked my buddy Dustin Owen, who owns Bearded Beach Hippie if he and his daughter wanted to come cruise around for the video shoot, and they both were in. I talked to Jay about some of the concerns someone may have if they have never been on an e-anything, and the biggest one was safety.

We had to show potenial customers that would learn how to oparate the device correctly & safetly.

We did that while showing the amount of fun and convenience a person can have on one of these devices. Pulling right up to a restaurant without worry about parking, long-range on all the devices, and the amount of adventure they can have in a single ride. I also edited the ad in a 1:1 ratio for max screen space on mobile devices.

I also wanted to make a business vlog out of the footage we filmed that day. So in addition to the ad we created, I put together more of the footage for the “Send it” video. Showing all the most rad clips of the day, and creating an entertaining branding video.

Between the two videos E-motion got some great content for their website and Social Media Pages expressing the enjoyment of renting E-device from them

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