Byrning Mad Designs – Shaping The Foam of a Retro Skimboard Business Vlogs, instructional, Lead Generation Films, Retargeting Film

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Bill Madden hand shapes skimboards, and this video is showing the beginning steps of shaping the foam of a Hybrid board.

This type of video is a business vlog. The term “vlog” means “a piece of video content that is non-scripted and informal”. It has the power to sell a product or a service but in a non-sales way. It is made 1st to be entertaining, 2nd to educate, and 3rd to spark interest in the buyer.

This video 1 of a 4 part video sales funnel..

Bill Madden and I met at a coffee shop called Enlighted Studios in Fort Walton Beach, Fl. After our first hellos, we both took a liking to each other. I was super interested in his hand-shaped skimboard and wanted to support the growth of his awesome and unique products.
So I asked Bill if he wanted to shape me a shred stick, a.k.a. Byrning Mad Design Skimboard, and I’d film the process. I told him the idea of making a short series to sell his board and he super digged the idea.

Here is the next video in the “business vlog sales funnel”

As a personal watches through the video series they start to learn more about Bill Madden. Personal parts of life are shown like his passion for BMX racing, his inventor mind, and his creative skills when it comes to his skimboards. All this information of Bill that is revealed through the videos creates a repour with the potential buyer. So when someone decides they want a new skimboard, Bill will have the upper hand because they feel that they know him as a real person, not just a company…

..No pressure, just pure authenticity..

I told Bill from the start that these are not “sales” videos, they are simply cool videos of him doing what he loves. He didn’t have to be a professional actor with his big moment of fam on camera. Bill just needed to be Bill.

I noticed something happen that forever changed how I thought about my video production company. Bill had fun making these videos… He didn’t feel like he had to be a salesman for his product, and that lifted a ton of pressure off his shoulders. Bill was free to be exactly who he is, and that made a huge difference in the videos. All he had to do was show how cool of a guy he is and because of that people will want to buy his boards.. because of Bill and who he is… There are plenty of skimboard companies that make great board, there is no doubt about that, but they aren’t made by Bill Madden who is a badass dude making high-quality boards in his surf-driven mad scientist layer!

This 3 video is the last step in hand-shaping a skimboard. At this moment I was getting really excited to take this board out and give it a ride. This also made me think, “I wonder if other people watching would feel the same and want to buy a board themselves?!” That’s an exciting thought too!

Little did I know that it would be true!

Bill and I also started to become good friends throughout this filming process. I started to learn how much of a creative type he was and then started to understand how such unique ideas come through his mind. I told Bill “Ok, one last video to wrap up this awesome vlog series. An Interview!” I, of course, needed to get footage of me skimming the board first! Almost 3 weeks we got back together at his workshop where Bill was more than willing to answer all the questions I had for him!

The sales of Bill’s Skimboards went up! By alot!

The greatest thing about the video series is that by the end of watching the videos the buyer is comfortable knowing that this is a good product. People feel they can trust Bill, they are encouraged buying from a local, and are more confident in their purchasing decision. That is the power of making a business vlog. Content that is not made to directly sell, but more to educate and entertain the potential customer. In turn, they buy happily knowing they are supporting a great dude with a great talent.


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