Photographer Mini Series instructional, Lead Generation Films, Retargeting Film

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Lorelei White is a prestigious studio photographer, and I was blown away by the light equipment she has in her studio space. Lorelei and I meet at a photography meet up group where we would share shooting technics and help each other photographers learn new skills. When Lorelei would speak I would listen intently because I knew what she was legit.

She wanted some type of marketing video, but she didn’t know exactly what… That’s where I came in and pitched some video ideas.

I told her about 2 concepts that would work well with her business. The 1st, and most obvious was simply a highlight video that showed her beautiful studio space and the overall experience of a photoshoot with PixL-Photography. The second concept was one that would give value to the viewers watching it. I told Lorelei “Let’s do a video where you are explaining how to pose for photos. Everyone could find that useful in today’s age of the selfie. They would also look at you as the expert in the local area because you are the one informing them” She loved the idea and we wrote a script for the video! I also brought my wife Erika and our daughter Shanti Mae as the stars of the videos!

By being the teacher you become the expert. People want the most experanced person becuase they want to feel their money is well spent.


  • Client PixL-Photography
  • Objectives Advertising