2FIT Together Story Behind The Brand Story Video, Lead Generation Films

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Jessie Freeland reached out to us to help her market 2Fit Together, her CrossFit and coaching company. I told her the two videos that would help increase brand recognition and memberships would be a Lead Generation video and a Behind the Brand Story Video.

Jessie has an amazing story of hope and courage. After her mom passed away, Jessie knew he direction in life, and this video needed to express he personal growth into being a trainer. (Video above)

We then filmed the Lead Generation Film. This film is designed to be fast, catchy, and produce new customers. When someone on facebook watches this video and showed interest, we then retarget that lead. That new potential customer will then get show the Behind the Brand Story Film.

A retargeted customer is 70% more likly to convert into a paying client. The second time they see 2FIT Together, they will remember Jessie and what she is doing.


  • Client 2FIT of California
  • Objectives Advertising