Backstory to my passion

    Photography has given me a chance to view everything from a new and creative perspective. Looking through my lens has given me new insights about the world I never knew existed before.

From the time I was a young boy, I’ve had a camera in my hands.  Everything around me seemed to come alive and became magical when I looked through my lens.  There’s no doubt, I was born with my passion for photography.

Matt & his family
Matt & his family

I’ve also stood on the other side of the lens as a professional model for print and runway, which gave me even greater insights.  Being on both sides has enabled me to focus on new insights and bring out the true emotions that tell a story in every photo I create.    There is always a deeper meaning that comes through no matter what I’m focusing on.  From family portraits to company branding, it’s my goal to bring out the emotion in the observer and let the visual story come to life.  

Unique in style and passion, I continue to look beyond the horizon.  As I do, I welcome you to join me on this journey.  Come let me help you bring out your amazing passion, beauty, and purpose too.

Everything has its place and beauty.