Matt Stone Owner of Stone Sharp Images

Hi, I'm Matt Stone

I’m an artist at heart and telling your story through the power of visual marketing is what I do best. 

My goal is to make your story come alive, direct as much traffic to your brand and products, and then watch you succeed!  Let me explain how Stone Sharp Images can make a positive impact on your business!

Commercial Grade Brand Videos

  • Our goal is to showcase the mission statement of your brand through the power and transparency of business vlogs. The term “vlog” means a piece of video content that is non-scripted and informal.  It’s the eye-catcher!  It’s a quick way to tell your story via visual art, aka “digital advertising”.  The audience can watch your story come alive and relate as they connect through their senses.  No words needed here! For more types of concept videos Click Here

Building a Narrative

  • Using professionally made videos for your brand highlights the people behind the products and builds trust through the relaxed informative style of a business vlog.
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Proven Success

  • As you can see, in this image taken from my own Facebook page, this is one example of a vlog series I created.  After hundreds of vlogs, I have successfully learned the tools that have become my formula for video marketing online that works.  We are here to help you create your own vlog series for your brand and your own success! 
  • The screenshot the right is a page that I started content marketing for and these were their numbers IN THE FIRST MONTH!
  • My Vlog below has 75k plus organic views across multiple social media platforms.
Screen Shot 2019-01-13 at 8.30.45 PM

What We Can Offer To You

Social Media Lead Generation & Management 

  • There’s no room for accidents here.  This is where you need the traffic flowing right to you and your products.  There's been too many times I have seen companies pay high dollar for video production to only have it go online with no targeted audience and it dies before it even gets started.
  • Stone Sharp Images knows how to keep you on a straight line to success.  Each video we create comes with extensive research to assure it gets to not only a large audience but the most relevant audience!  Thumbnails, titles, tags, descriptions, and Market Targeting are added to assure the video ad fins your potential client.  Hey, and we also manage the Ad for you and deliver the leads! More on that below
  • We have a small but very specialized team for social management. Our team creates the content and distributes this content for you in the best way possible. Stone Sharp Images is a done for you Social Media Management team that keeps your post going consistently and professionally. 

Creative Consulting

  • Reaching your desired market and building brand awareness is not as easy as it looks and competition on the web is fierce!  It’s our job to create your company’s one-of-a-kind narrative that stands out from the rest and gets you the attention you need to succeed.  In this way you can start building a strong online presence with your niche while building ongoing video vlogs and Social Media Ads.

Video Content

  • Your video content is focused on your business story and how your services can make a positive difference in the lives of your audience.  You want your market niche to pick up the phone and call you right away!
  • Professional Business Vlogs are like mini T.V. commercials that are designed to draw the quick attention of your market and get your message across in a big way.  Stone Sharp Images specializes in creating little mini commercials that are eye-catching and entertaining while getting your direct message across.  Your video vlog will feature its own unique title, fast pace editing, music choice to bring out the niche emotion we are looking for, and an engaging call to action to help direct the audience to your desired online destination.
  • We use multiple styles of videos to achieve certain goals we set in the marketing plan. Videos that turn your entrepreneurial journey into a profitable story for your business.

Professional Photos 

Branding Portrait

Professional Photos

  • Everyone today is taking cell phone pictures and that is great for their personal lives; however, when it comes to being on top of a market, you can’t afford to skimp in this area.  Our professional photos take into account your overall content, the message you want to visually tell, and the potential value it is bringing to your audience.
  • Commercial photos take into account lighting, angels, emotions, and have a purpose behind each one.  The behind-the-scene professional editing can make a lasting impact that gets imprinted on the minds of everyone who sees it over and over again.  It portrays a special message all by itself!


Product Branding & Passive Income 

  • The bottom line is this, YOU WANT YOUR PRODUCT BRANDING TO DO ALL THE HARD WORK FOR YOU!  You want your message to motivate your consumers.  You want them to feel like they need to have your product to have a better life!  That’s where we come in!  Stone Sharp Images specializes in creating your motivational messages to monetize your market share to its highest potential.


Let's Work Together! 

As all good business models should be, Stone Sharp Images is modeled around you, our consumer. 

When you begin experiencing outstanding income streams from your branding, and our services are paying for themselves, we are all on the right track!  The possibilities are endless!  We are here as lifelong partners as long as you want us to be.